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If you know Edinburgh then you will be familiar with many of this remarkable city’s iconic sights and buildings.

Edinburgh Revisited picks out many of these traditional, or even cliched views, and puts a twist on them both in terms of the photographs and the accompanying poems.

Gordon Hunter and Don Ledingham both grew up in Edinburgh, before leaving to settle in their respective homes in the Scottish Borders. They have been close friends for more years than they care to admit. Gordon was a member of the 1984 Scottish Rugby Grand Slam team, and Don wasn’t.


Over the last twenty years they have developed reputations in their respective passions of photography and poetry. In 2001 they first exhibited a collection of picture/poems entitled ‘Scottish Inheritance’. The collection - capturing the changing landscape of Scottish agricultural life - was exhibited throughout Scotland and raised significant funds for charity culminating in an invitation to the exhibit in the Scottish Writers Museum where it was visited by over 40,000 people.

This new collection will be launched at an exhibition to take place in Edinburgh during 2019.

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