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HRH The Princes Royal provides the introduction to the book and in his Foreword Scottish Author, Alexander McCall Smith, writes:


“This extraordinary collection of poetry and photographs … is a collection where two visions have come together and sparked off against each other. The result is a journey informed by two entirely complementary and harmonious guides.


Gordon Hunter and Don Ledingham, photographer and poet, have chosen Edinburgh as their subject. That is a happy choice, because it is abundantly clear from every image and every line in this exhibition, and associated book, that these two love this city.


What they have done is to set out a tribute that captures the character of one of the world’s great cities – a city that has inspired generations of artists, writers, and musicians.”


Other contributors have written about out what Edinburgh means to them. Contributors include:

  • Ian Rankin

  • Jason Connery

  • Lord David Steel

  • Jack Lowden

  • Lady Anne Smith

  • Alistair Moffat

  • Gavin Hastings

  • Sir Angus Deaton

  • Olivia Giles

  • Glyn Satterley

All proceeds of sales of prints and books to go to: Leuchie House ( Miles (


Writer Alistair Moffat commented:


“What a handsome book! It handles beautifully and looks stunning”.

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